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The Prairie du Chien Main Street Team is focused on renewing the historic heart of downtown Prairie du Chien, to create a lively and friendly destination hub for both consumers and businesses. Improving our Downtown is an investment in our community’s future.

This organization bridges the gaps between businesses, property owners, city officials, residents, non-profits, and visitors to the downtown area. We strive  to cultivate a vibrant, social, cultural and economic center by bringing together the downtown stakeholders while celebrating the unique historic character of downtown Prairie du Chien.

More About Main Street

Use the following links to find out more about Prairie du Chien Main Street:

Why is Downtown Important?

  • Its about Economic Development: Thriving communities have vibrant downtowns. This means more businesses, living options, arts & entertainment, recreation, celebration, events and attractive properties.
  •  Prairie du Chien offers a rich historic foundation where a vibrant Downtown will add to the current attractions and make the area a destination for local residents and tourists.
  •  Downtown Prairie du Chien is a reflection of how our community sees itself.
  • Downtown provides a sense of community and place.

Main Street America

Prairie du Chien follows the National Main Street Program Model, a national movement that is implemented and run on a local basis. Over the past 30 years, the Main Street movement has helped transform the way communities think about the revitalization and management of their down towns and neighborhood commercial districts. Cities and towns across the nation have come to see that a prosperous, sustainable community is only as healthy as its core.

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